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Brisfit Bootcamps

We specialise in female body transformations! Through our quarterly fitness challenges, Brisbane based bootcamps and online forum we've helped countless women reach their health and fitness goals. Since our humble beginnings in 2012 we've created a community of motivating and supportive women who are dedicated to living their best life. At Brisfit we understand women’s bodies and know how to get you the results that will leave you feeling confident, healthy and happy!


Participate in our quarterly body transformation challenges and reveal the best version of yourself!


Get active! Receive unlimited access to our seven bootcamp sessions located at Holland Park, Brisbane.


Receive nutritional advice to complement your workouts through seminars, consultations and meal plans.

Women Only

Brisfit is motivating women of all fitness levels to achieve their goals in a fun & supportive environment!

Fitness Inspiration

Keep up to date with all things health and fitness related!


We all need a little encouragement at some point during our fitness journey. Maybe you’re struggling with motivation or you might feel as though you aren’t making progress as quickly as you would like. Sometimes you just need a little reminder that you’re doing your best. To help motivate you through this week, I’ve put together some

Nov 19, 2018 Admin

How To Get Sexy Six Pack Abs

Want to know to know the best way to get your abs popping? It is certainly true you do need to be sufficiently lean in order to see your abs through the layers of skin but if they aren’t well developed they aren’t going to pop no matter how lean you are. Therefore, a well-structured

Oct 19, 2018 Admin


It seems like just about every person you meet is trying to find the perfect balance between eating the foods they want, but not looking like they eat all the food see. Avoid these common mistakes to ensure your success.

Oct 08, 2018 Admin

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