CALORIES: What are they and why do we need them??


CALORIES: What are they and why do we need them??

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What are they and why do we need them??

Over the next few articles, we are going to run through how calories work in your body and macro-nutrients and how to make sure you are getting enough in.

Now for starters, what are calories??

Calories are a unit of energy used by the body to keep it running.
Calories are not evil little things that make us fat. They are 100% essential to life and if we don’t consume them we are in big trouble.

What is important to focus on is how many calories we are getting in over the course of a day and also in each meal.
For weight loss we want the overall number of calories burned to be higher than the number of calories taken in, this way we have a deficiency and our body will use stored calories for energy, thus we lose weight. Vice versa if you would like to put on weight, you want your burned calories to be lower than the number of calories taken in.

So first starting point I would advise everyone to do is start looking at the food you are taking in, how many calories are you having in a day?? is it less than you are eating??

We usually aim for having around 500 calorie deficiency each day and this will lead to losing .5kg of fat per week because 1kg of fat is on average around 6000-7000 calories in total
I.e. if you are burning 1700 calories a day and you eat 1200 then you will be losing 500 per day, which would be 3500 at the end of a week and equal approximately half a kg.

Now this doesn’t mean you can just eat 1200 in 1 meal and you are sweet, we also need to separate our meals apart,

If for example your body needs 400 calories at breakfast time but you give it 500, then you will store that extra 100 calories. so making sure we have around 4 meals a day of an even calorie amount each

So, what should you take away from this post??

  • Calories are not evil and are important for your body
  • you need a calorie deficiency to lose weight
  • you want to aim for about 500 calories less than you are burning per day
  • you should have spaced out meals through the day not just getting your calories in 1 meal.


  1. U January 3, 2017at 11:58 am Reply

    I understand that using a method of reduced calories to lose fat can cause the metabolism to slow and also change hormones and then make people more susceptible to storing fat? Is this true? Or is it something to do with timing and how many days of calorie reduction?

    • brisbanebooty January 3, 2017at 11:58 am Reply

      Hi there, thanks for your message.
      There can definitely be a possibility of slowing metabolic rate and altering hormone ratios, but usually in very restricted diets like a ketosis diet or long period intermittent fasting. For most people a reduction of 10-20% in calories will not negatively alter you natural fat burning ability. You should also take your current calorie consumption into account. Someone who currently consumes 6000 calories a day will easily be able to reduce calorie consumption by 1000, but someone who only consumes 1800 per day will not be able to reduce calories by the same amount.
      Timing can definitely play a part, but for most beginners I would suggest keeping it simple until your knowledge and experience is at a level that you can start timing your macros.

  2. How much protein do you REALLY need? – Brisfit January 3, 2017at 11:58 am Reply

    […] If you need a refresher on total calorie consumption read this:Β CALORIES: What are they and why do we need them?? […]

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