Love Your Body


Love Your Body

February 8, 2017 brisbanebooty

Treated with proper respect and car, the human body is naturally equipped to repel diseases and invade organisms. We need to build up and enhance the natural defence of the body, and enable it to heal itself (or not get sick in the first place), with a healthy diet and lifestyle including plenty or exercise.

We often deny the body of its natural function and destroy many of its natural defences by overeating fat-laden foods, not keeping physically active, not sleeping enough, smoking cigarettes, overindulging in alcohol, or stressing too much.

We all need to learn to take responsibility for our own health. We need to adopt lifestyle changes for our own long-term health and well-being. These changes need to be administered with a holistic approach. A healthier diet is good, but when incorporating physical activity, it’s great. The same applies to your mental and emotional self. You can eat well and train regularly but if you are struggling with stress,  not sleeping, or emotionally unstable, you will not reap the same results as someone who is emotionally clear.

A healthy life can only be achieved by an all-round approach to lifestyle. Beginning with diet, then introducing a training program, and trying to eliminate unnecessary stresses from your day to day life.

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