Greater longevity & More Energy


Greater longevity & More Energy

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Do you want to increase your daily energy? Do you also want to maximise the amount of fats, carbs & proteins that get converted into energy for your body to operate at its optimal level?

Exercise may just be the answer, but not how you would have guessed.

Newly published research is providing us with a deeper understanding of how training improves muscle health and exercise capacity, which has been described as the best predictor of mortality in the general population.

Whether your muscle is healthy, or not so healthy determines whether your entire body is healthy or not. A new study published in journal Nature Communications describes how exercise helps the body to keep the cells in the muscle healthy and strong.

Exercise improves muscle health by renewing the cellular powerhouse, the Mitochondria. The Mitochondria is the part of cells that turn sugars, fats and proteins that we eat, into forms of chemical energy that the body can use to carry on living.


Every living thing is made of cells: tiny compartments contained by a membrane. Cells are the smallest things that can reproduce themselves. When we look inside cells, we see that they have sub-compartments that are smaller still, known as “Organelles” which perform different functions that are essential for the cell to live.


Mitochondria are organelles found in the cells of every complex organism.  They produce about 90% of the chemical energy that cells need to survive. No energy; no life! So it’s easy to see why when mitochondria go wrong, serious diseases are the result, and why it is important we understand how mitochondria work.

So, how does exercise affect the mitochondria in the muscles?

The answer is through mitophagy, which is the process of damaged or defective mitochondria being selectively removed, which usually occurs after periods of stress.

A recent study on mice showed that for 3 to 12 hours after exercises the mitochondria showed signs of stress, and after 6 hours they could observe signs of mitophagy.

Exercise removes damaged mitochondria in the muscles. If you do this repeatedly you keep removing the damaged ones. You will end up with better quality muscle, with healthier mitochondria for energy production and increased longevity.


Coach Parker

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