Why you should join our upcoming fitness challenge.

Join our summer fitness challenge

Why you should join our upcoming fitness challenge.

September 27, 2018 brisbanebooty

A fitness challenge is beneficial for everyone. Whether you are looking to regain your health and fitness or already work out 5-times a week, joining our summer shred fitness challenge can amp up your results.

There a many benefits of fitness challenges that can often be overlooked but we are bringing them into the light! We want you to understand how the Brisfit Bootcamps 10-week summer shred challenge is different, and what the right kind of fitness challenge can do for you.

Benefits of a fitness challenge



Setting goals are easy, but working towards them and meeting them can be challenging. How many times have you set a health and fitness goal only to declare it ‘too hard’ a few days later? Sometimes reaching our goals can take a good deal of self-reflection and discovery. During our challenge, you will be making physical, nutritional, and lifestyle changes with the help of a dedicated health and fitness coach.

You will be prompted on a journey of self-discovery to find out what is keeping you from your goals and address it. What is the cause of late-night snacking? Why do we cancel our afternoon workout to slump on the couch the second we get home from work? Why do we scroll through social media when we should be asleep? We’ll help you to replace these less than ideal habits with new healthier ones. This kind of transformation will be valuable in all areas of your life.



How often do you tell yourself, “In 5 minutes I will get up and workout.” Or, “I will wake up early tomorrow and go for a run.” Then nothing happens. Participating in our fitness challenge is a short-term monetary investment that will ensure you follow through on your exercise plans. It can also lead to a lifelong love of exercise! If your thinking – ‘ugh who could love exercise?!’ then chances are you haven’t found the right style for you. Brisfit Bootcamps runs 7 weekly sessions and each is different, so we’ll have something you enjoy. Plus, we have a great community of women who support each other in achieving their heal and fitness goals. Feeling accountable yet?



Maybe you are exercising every other day, (awesome – great work!). But perhaps you have set a bigger fitness goal, like running a marathon, rehabbing an old injury, or changing your body composition? Joining our 10-week summer shred challenge with a specific time frame will give you the extra focus to complete new workouts with an eye on training towards those goals. Our sessions are run by a personal trainer who can personalise the workouts for you, and the extra motivation will help you push through the challenges of taking your fitness to the next level.



We will provide you with scientifically backed research on healthy eating. No need for any fad diets! Nutrition is a very individual thing. What works for those Instagram models or is printed in the magazines may not work for you! Our fitness challenge is a great time to explore nutrition and how your body feels. During the fitness challenge, your health and fitness coach will be there every step of the way to answer questions about nutrition and help you discover the best overall plan for you. So save yourself the googling and get the real answer that will lead you to real results!



There is no doubt every exercise program is a valuable investment in your health but at what cost? We’ve seen other so many fitness challenges in the Brisbane area charging upwards of $60 per week, some even advertising their packs for $89 per week with all the same inclusions of Brisfit. This is just one of the reasons our clients love Brisfit! With memberships starting from just $29.95 a week, we make sure we pack as much value as possible into them. Every membership includes seven weekly training sessions, nutritional guidance, 24/7 support and access to our online community.

The Brisfit Bootcamps 10-week Summer Shred challenge will run from the 15th of October to the 21st of December. The challenge includes access to a female specific nutrition and exercise plans, 7 weekly bootcamp sessions, a private online forum where your health and fitness questions will be answered, fortnightly online educational sessions, social events, and prizes.

To sign up click here, or download your FREE 7 DAY TRIAL HERE!

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