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During the winter months it seems like everyone is constantly sick. You do what you can to dodge the chesty coffs and avoid close contact with people suffering a runny nose. But still, staying healthy during winter remains a struggle.

With cooler temperatures and less sunlight hours each day we tend to be less active and more reliable on comfort foods. We’ve all done it, swapped out the afternoon walk to clear the head for an early date with Netflix.

Kick the winter blues with some healthy tips, so you can stay fit, healthy and strong through the cold and flu season.

Start protecting your body BEFORE you get sick.

Start taking care of your body now so you can get the results later. A great way to start is by giving your body the nutrients and vitamins before the colder season hit.

Make sure you’re consuming a wide variety of fruits & vegetables in a all colours. Make sure each meal has a nice variety of colour from lots of different sources.

If your diet is on point and you’re still looking for that extra little boost, there are many vitamins and supplements that can help you keep your health in check.

Vitamins and mineral supplements are just that, SUPPLEMENTS to your diet. They can help you boost your daily intake but should not be relied upon for your entire intake.

I have two go-to products to keep my immune system functioning as optimally as possible.

  1. Glutamine
  2. Resilience by ATP science.

Drink plenty of water.

Dehydration can leave you more vulnerable to getting sick, so drinking plenty of water throughout the day is very important. One of the benefits of water is the removal of toxins out of the body, which will help to prevent the build-up of toxins. Water will also help to carry oxygen to body cells for properly functioning systems. 

Get enough sleep.

Having a restful night is essential for a healthy body and mind. When we have a good night sleep our body has the chance to recover physically and mentally. When our body is rested, we will have more energy to tackle on the day.

Your immune system is also affected by restless nights. When we don’t sleep well our body is more susceptible to getting sick including the common cold. This is because when we sleep our body releases cytokines, a type of protein which helps the body to fight infection by regulating the immune system.

Keep your body moving.

Unfortunately as the weather cools during the winter months our motivation to get up and train begins to dip. 

Keeping physically active has so many amazing benefits for the health of not just your body, but also your mental state. 

Regular exercise can help to keep inflammation and chronic diseases at bay. 

Exercise is always amazing for reducing built up stress, as well as accelerating the circulation of white blood cells which allows the body to fight infection an disease. 


We specialise in female body transformations, and a spring challenge is set to start very soon!

Through our quarterly fitness challenges, Brisfit bootcamps has helped countless women reach their health and fitness goals. Since our humble beginnings in 2012 we’ve created a community of motivating and supportive women who are dedicated to living their best life. At Brisfit we understand women’s bodies and know how to get you the results that will leave you feeling confident, healthy and happy!

Brisfit is designed to help women of all fitness levels achieve their fitness goals in a fun and supportive environement. If you’re struggling for motivation, come down to a Brisfit session to see how amazing our wonderful ladies are. Be inspired by their amazing journeys and transformations.

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