Why training outdoors with Brisfit is your perfect match.


Why training outdoors with Brisfit is your perfect match.

August 23, 2019 brisbanebooty


Winter is almost over, the days are getting longer and the weather is warmer each day. There is no better time of year to get your fitness journey started. 

Brisfit Bootcamps Personal Training

Training outdoors with Brisfit Bootcamps will leave you feeling energised, refreshed and focus to take on your day. Training in a stale, lifeless gym doesn’t excite us. What gets us out of bed each day is the opportunity to interact with nature, surrounded by an amazing group of like-minded women who will be supporting you through each step of your journey. 

Brisfit Bootcamps Personal Training

Connecting with nature is so important for our overall health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, too many of us spend too much time indoors and not enough outdoors interacting with nature. At Brisfit, every session is outdoors so even those who are short on time can squeeze in some quality sunshine into their day.

Training outside has shown to contribute to decreased tension, confusion, and anger. After exercising outside with the fresh air and sunshine you can expect a decrease in your body’s stress hormone, cortisol, as well as adrenalin.

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Exposure to natural sunlight combined with physical activity is thought to increase serotonin levels in our bodies, which can improve feelings of wellbeing and happiness.

As we all get busier, taking on longer days at work and get swamped with non-stop errands we experience more stress and have less time to look after our own health with physical exercise. Brisfit allows you to tackle two problems in one go. By dedicating time each week to exercise outdoors you alleviate stress and improve your mental wellbeing and self-esteem.

With our small group classes you receive the personal touch you’d expect from a 1 on 1 personal training session, but for the price of a large group bootcamp.

Many of our ladies have previously tried gym workouts, but we often hear the same story, it became unmotivational with little accountability. In addition to the amazing benefits from training outdoors you will get daily contact from your trainer, fortnightly results check-ins and a group of wonderful ladies to keep you accountable.

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Summer is soon approaching

join our summer shred challenge and never look back!


Make this your summer!

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